Conversations for a Global Reset:

Dialog that reshapes Worlds


Although at times they may seem about as enjoyable as a stack of crusty rice cakes – conversations can be nourishing and satisfying.


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Dialog with the power to reshape worlds…

Delicious dialogs are neither instinctual, nor culturally adapted. Language and verbal exchanges over the ages have mostly revolved around the rather boring and solipsistic topic of survival; both physical and social.

As a result, we typically bide our time in conversation waiting for others to stop talking so that we can serve up our own pearl of self-promoting wisdom, or unsolicited assurances and advice. 

By Claude Lorrain – 

Whereas, personal and tribal relevance remain the impetus of our utterances, our technical and scientific capabilities have soared to god-like heights. We have limited capacity to make sense of the world, or reliably conduct generative conversations, but we can destroy the planet a few times over.  

Fortunately, culture now moves faster than a salacious tweet.  Jumping that train to upload a valuable adaptation makes sense. Conversations happen all the time, all over the world–offering an infinite smorgasbord of possible human and global nourishment.

Conversations that reshape ours and others’ perspectives, and reset the global zeitgeist bear no resemblance to ones of preservation and self-absorption. 

Global reset conversations are Adventures. Full-on forays into the unknown. Heads and hearts open–don’t know where you are going or what you’ll see – Experiences!  

They are explorations of non-linearity, where right and wrong do not exist and emergent possibilities are plentiful and completely unpredictable.

The GlobalReset workshop is a fast paced sequence of experiential structured exercises conducted via Zoom with a group of 24 or more intended to deliver an indelible difference in how you pay attention and respond to the people and events in your life.

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