Amabel is perfectly situated near Coy Glen nature preserve on Inlet Creek, close to shopping, hiking, walking, running, kayaking and area attractions.

Conceived during the completion of the highly successful Aurora Pocket Neighborhood in Fall Creek, Ithaca, NY, the Amabel Pocket Neighborhood improves on this new development model by providing 30 single-family homes in a pastoral setting on Five Mile Dr. one flat mile from downtown Ithaca.

The property is bounded by Negundo Woods and Inlet Creek on the east, Coy Glen Creek on the north, and Cavalry Cemetery on the south, with Five Mile Drive on the western edge. Larger than the lots in Fall Creek, Amabel parcels are individually deeded and arranged around a park-like center courtyard. The houses are organized to allow private enjoyment of the site’s exquisite natural beauty while simultaneously creating opportunities for interactions among residents and visitors. Growing and enjoying food, solar- energy production, and community-building practices are also key components of this cutting- edge neighborhood.



Amabel Pocket Neighborhood exemplifies the future. Suburbia was a blessing for its time. For many people, however, the days of car dependence and isolation in high-maintenance suburban homes with oversized lawns have passed. Increasingly, people want less stuff and more fun, ease, and freedom. Many people also want to rest assured that they are contributing to a solution to global warming and a healthier environment. Amabel is close to downtown Ithaca, Cayuga Lake, Buttermilk Falls State Park, the Farmers’ Market, grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, and many other destinations reachable by walking, bike, canoe, or kayak. These alternative means of transportation not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but have been conclusively linked to improved physical and mental health. This is the vibrant, resilient future we have been waiting for. 

The Homes

For the ease and comfort of all the buyers, now and into the future, the homes will be constructed close to grade and all have ground-floor master suites for stair-free living in and around the home. The side door on each home opens onto a path that leads to a private yard, optional carport or garage, and driveway. The front door opens onto a large porch that looks out onto a sweeping wooded meadow, which is the center commons.

The porch, kitchen, living and dining area all share a view of the raucously bountiful organic garden and small pristine barn used for storing kayaks, bikes, and gardening tools. Residents will enjoy an open invitation to spend some time in the garden tilling the soil, communing with friends, or simply gathering organic fresh vegetables. The homes at Amabel have spacious open floor plans with lots of natural light and space for gatherings of family and friends. They are simple and easy to manage, clean, and furnish. The expansive outdoor space just beyond the front door delivers a sense of a much larger home minus the care and upkeep. Carefully selected interior and exterior finishes liberate owners from the drudgery and annoyance of home-maintenance issues. Amabel homes are meticulously designed and built for low energy use. The courtyard, garden, and fire circle will ensure close connections among residents. Visitors, guests, and residents of Amabel will enjoy delightful, spontaneous opportunities for conversations, dinners, parties, gardening together, car rides, and much more.

The homes at Amabel range in size from 1050 to 2478 square feet. Buyers will have the option of a conventional  code compliant energy envelope and an upgraded envelope, together with other finish options.

Aurora Pocket Neighborhood

The Aurora Pocket Neighborhood was the first Pocket Neighborhood Circle project in Ithaca, New York.  

About Susan Cosentini
and New Earth Living

Amabel founder, Susan Cosentini is a native Ithacan and has over thirty years’ experience in the construction industry as a carpenter, foreman, estimator, designer and General Contractor. Her company, Cosentini Construction has built or remodeled over 600 homes in the area including the Aurora Pocket Neighborhood and has been awarded the Big50 recognition by Remodeling magazine. Susan is Past President of Tompkins Cortland Builders and Remodelers Association, and has worked as a volunteer in constructing Hospicare, the Sciencenter, Habitat for Humanity and post-Katrina reconstruction in New Orleans. Susan is a speaker at industry conferences and teaches a communication class at Ithaca College, as well as to organizations and business in the region. Susan is a graduate of Cornell University with a master’s in Education, and the school of grinding perseverance and hard work achieving the honor of being inducted into the Cornell Athletic Hall of Fame as the only athlete in the history of Cornell to train, compete and excel in two sports in the same season. Susan has two brilliant grown daughters that she is very proud of.  

New Earth Living, LLC creates vibrant neighborhoods that connect people to one another and our shared earth, providing spaces for trust, purpose, play, and ease.

Climate change and the end of cheap oil are bringing about a new future. The emergent culture of partnership and connection is slowly displacing the dominant paradigm of exploitation and isolation. New Earth Living LLC is a leader in ushering in this new realm. Our mission is to integrate proven sustainability practices, innovative models of housing and person to person connection to create a new model for living.