The Tarn

4 Bedrooms | 3 Baths  

2136 square foot open floor plan, 3 bedrooms down, with a master suite and walk-in closet, 1 bedroom up, 3 full baths and a large loft area for play, study, exercise, and don’t forget the mudroom for all that miscellaneous stuff-storage to keep where you live uncluttered and clean. Plus 180 square feet of covered porch looking out on to the large open field and garden. 

Base Price: $476,400 (includes the lot) Price subject to change due to highly volatile supply chain and construction material costs

P&I 1,536.00  (80%LTV, 2.65% int,30 yr)

Principle and interest, 80% loan to value, at 2.65% rate, 30 year fixed loan

Interior layouts can be customized by buyer
The highly variable cost of appliances is not included in pricing above
Broker represented buyers are responsible for their broker's fee 

Please note: At no extra charge to you the layout of interior partitions, locations and sizes of windows can be modified to suit your specific needs and desires.

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The Tarn Second Floor Illustration Video